ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, October 3, 2022 / — The company has been in the board game industry for more than a decade and specializes in the making of custom board games, custom dice, custom opoly games and custom card games.

521 Promo, a company that designs and creates custom board and card games, has recently launched a custom board game program ideal for school fundraising events. The custom games are designed based on the game style and structure of the popular board game, Monopoly, where all the slots of real estate properties and bank notes bear the name of sponsors. The company provides excellent support to customers and provides a useful guide that helps manage their budget and reach their target.

521 Promo’s custom board game can be named after the school or any other ‘cool’ name with the suffix -Opoly added to the end. For large fundraisers, the company provides a comprehensive Sponsorship Pricing Guide which the event management team uses depending on the quantity of games they wish to produce. The guide contains the suggested selling prices for each (real estate) spot on the board, including the money sponsorships as well as individual sponsorships. The event management team has the liberty to lower or increase the prices according to their needs and preference. The guide also allows them to verify whether or not they will raise enough money in addition to the cost of production and shipping. In addition, the company also provides sample email and agreement documents that can be used for finding and securing deals with sponsors.

Once the sponsors have been confirmed, high quality logo images will be collected from each to be imprinted on the property slots and the bank notes (reserved for the money sponsor). While designing the graphic for the custom game, the event management team can either work with their own designer or enlist 521 Promo’s game design service. For customers who chose to do the design work on their own, the company provides templates that may be used for framing the custom game. To eliminate any error, the design goes through several rounds of revisions and feedback before the final stage of production.

Speaking about the new program for school events, the company’s owner said, “We have had the pleasure of working with groups, communities, and organizations with a great cause. And we are proud to be part of their fundraising events that are used for promoting their cause. In the same way, we are so excited to be able to launch this program for school events. We can’t wait to work with kids and be a part of their school projects.”

The minimum order for custom games is 250 units and may have an impact on the length of manufacturing time which can range from less than 2 weeks for small orders to 8-10 weeks for larger orders.

About 521 Promo: 521 Promo is a company that designs and manufactures custom games including board games, card games, ‘opoly’ games, and custom dice.

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